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Ping plugin

For any load testing, you need to know physical latency between the target system and the test agent. For these purposes, NBomber has a Ping plugin that runs in the background and checks the specified web host by sending a PING request to measure the latency. It sends a PING only once on the test start.


open NBomber.Plugins.Network.Ping
/// scenario defination.....
let pingPluginConfig = PingPluginConfig.CreateDefault [""]
use pingPlugin = new PingPlugin(pingPluginConfig)
Scenario.create "rest_api" [getUser; getPosts]
|> NBomberRunner.registerScenario
|> NBomberRunner.withWorkerPlugins [pingPlugin]

Ping statistics table results

HostStatusAddressRound Trip TimeTime to LiveDon't FragmentBuffer Size
nbomber.comSuccess104.248.140.12843 ms128False32 bytes


type PingPluginConfig = {
Hosts: string[]
/// A buffer of data to be transmitted. The default is 32.
/// If you believe that a larger (or smaller) packet size will noticeably affect
/// the response time from the target host, then you may wish to experiment with
/// different values. The range of sizes is from 1 to 65500. Note that values
/// (for Ethernet) require that the packet be fragmented for any value over 1386
/// bytes in the data field.
BufferSizeBytes: int
/// Sets the number of routing nodes that can forward the Ping data before it is discarded.
/// An Int32 value that specifies the number of times the Ping data packets can be forwarded. The default is 128.
Ttl: int
/// Sets a Boolean value that controls fragmentation of the data sent to the remote host.
/// true if the data cannot be sent in multiple packets; otherwise false. The default is false
/// This option is useful if you want to test the maximum transmission unit (MTU)
/// of the routers and gateways used to transmit the packet.
/// If this property is true and the data sent to the remote host is larger then the MTU of a gateway
/// or router between the sender and the remote host, the ping operation fails with status PacketTooBig.
DontFragment: bool
/// The default is 1000 ms.
Timeout: int

This plugin is allowing dynamic configuration via the infrastructure config file.

"PingPlugin": {
"Hosts": [""],
"BufferSizeBytes": 32,
"Ttl": 128,
"DontFragment": false,
"Timeout": 1000
Scenario.create "rest_api" [getUser; getPosts]
|> NBomberRunner.registerScenario
|> NBomberRunner.withWorkerPlugins [new PingPlugin()] // we set empty instance
|> NBomberRunner.loadInfraConfig "infra-config.json"